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InterArc Solutions is the unparalleled entertainment/educational establishment providing the hottest dancing environments,  games, simulators, community events ( locally, nationally and globally) and recreation, that stimulates and entertains minds of all ages for ages by utilizing renewable technologies as our primary source of energy.

InterArc Solutions' concept is to provide a (nonprofit, under consideration)  entertainment, social-educational, and café venue in Citrus and the surrounding Counties -- interactive gaming, entertainment, internet, refreshments, and courses in computers, software,  sustainability and other areas of interest -- all in a renewable sustainable energy and non-alcoholic environment.

 InterArc Solutions' R&D lab will stretch the boundaries by boldly designing and testing new simulator and sustainable energy concepts and applications that not only influence our communities but also the government and industrial sectors.



InterArc Solutions believes that human happiness is proportionately related to human interaction with each other through shared experiences. That learning is derived through play and enjoyable experiences that generate and foster intellectual insights. That “awe” is embedded within human vision throughout our environment and inventions that bring us closer to knowing what it means to be human.. This is InterArc Solutions' hope for a better tomorrow starting today with reflections in yesterday.

Contact info;

Thomas F. Marciniak II

Phone; 352-450-9608


Personal site:

Current Project: Critical Collapse